None of us has enough money.
On Two Cents we often focus on maximizing your money: Leveling up investments or employing new savings hacks. But what do you do when just need to make more?
Lifehacker talked with five people, including a familiar face (hi, Kristin!), to get a sense of how people across the country are planning to increase their income. We’re retiring the cliché, vague advice you’d normally find in personal finance articles—get a side hustle, launch an Etsy store, etc.—that’s only relevant to a handful of people, and learning how real people are making more for themselves in 2019.
Here’s how real people are planning to level up their income this year.
These interviews are condensed and gently altered for clarity.
Image: Charles Deluvio on Unsplash“I think I’ve been putting off getting my finances in order.”
Name: Teresa B.
Age: 31
Location: Portland, Oregon
Job & Income: I work in the non-profit sector and I’m a data specialist. My salary is just below $43,000 (including a 403(b) match).
How much of your monthly income do bills take up? Rent and bills take up around 50-60 percent of my take-home pay each month, including student loans. I have about $60,000 in private and federal loans.
Do you have a specific money goal right now?
My goal right now is to pay off my loans as soon as possible. I want to build up my savings a little bit more before I really tackle that, but that is the main goal. It’s about $60,000.
What’s your plan to make more more money this year?
I have been looking for work since September, so ideally the goal is to increase my salary. But I haven’t been super successful in the past few months, so I got an additional part-time job, I’m going to be working a few nights a week in a reception job. I am going to put all the income from that job toward my student loans, and I’m still looking for another job.
It’s not the first time that I’ve done this, I think I’m just used to being really busy, whether it was school, or having an extra part-time job, or dog sitting for my friends—I’ve always had something else going on.
Those nights that I would normally be going out, I’ll be working so I’ll be saving money that way, but I kind of told my friends what my situation was straight up, like, ‘I won’t be hanging out with you as much.’ My approach is to just be transparent with my friends about it.
Why do you want to earn more?
I don’t know if it’s just because of being done with school, so it feels more final, but I want to take my finances more seriously. I haven’t been living month-to-month, but I haven’t really been super strict with myself ... Once I saw the total student loans, it was just kind of a sobering experience, but in general I think I’ve been putting off getting my finances in order.
I probably didn’t really have savings until about two years ago, I was just working paycheck-to-paycheck. Now I have a little nest egg, so I am working on trying to increase that. I have a new budget [Teresa is following the 50/20/30 budget] for 2019 that I set up and I’m trying to save more.
Is there a piece of general money advice that you find helpful?
I’ve had a lot of financial stress before and it’s not very healthy, it doesn’t feel great, so when I’m buying something I try to think, ‘Will this be worth it? Will it be worth that stress, that uneasy feeling in your stomach?’ I have that question in the back in my mind.”
Published on: 2/13/19, 12:11 PM
I was considering driving for Uber or Lyft or taking on odd jobs, but I thought it might be more cost effective to learn some more admin skills. I am lucky enough that Sony offers classes on site, where they teach more advanced stuff like Excel, so I want to learn low-level programming stuff. I’ve learned some of it already and it’s helpful. The goal would be a raise or a promotion at Sony.
And, basically, for the last six months I’ve also had two other bosses. I manage their schedules ... so with that increased workload, I’ve learned minor, cool programming tricks to save me some time. Those kinds of things already, I’ve showed my coworkers and my boss is impressed. So I’m hoping to say, come review time, that I’m taking on more responsibilities, I’m making things more efficient, I think I deserve this and this because of that.
Is there a specific pathway you’re interested in?
I want to get more involved in animation ... I don’t want to necessarily be an illustrator, I want to be in production. I like the job I’m in right now, it’s not a creative role, but I think the skills I’m learning here will help me in a creative role. I like the team here and I like the relative security.
When I graduated from college, I worked at a digital media startup. It had some funding and the hours were long, but it grew really fast and collapsed really fast, so then I was jumping from job to job until I ended up here. Here, I love my hours, my bosses, my coworkers—it’s a better work-life balance in addition to making more money than I had in previous roles.
They offer bonuses basically once a year. I got like a $3,000 bonus last year and most of that went into my 401(k). I don’t expect, even if I hit all my goals, I don’t expect a raise this year to go over their pre-approved amount for what Admins can get.
Why do you want to earn more?
I’d sleep better at night knowing that I don’t have to start selling things or call my parents ... I’m blessed to have parents who are very willing to help out, but maybe it’s a pride thing. I really don’t want to be in a situation where they would scold me for not being responsible.
I am also thinking long-term, like a marriage, kids, a house, a picket fence. I think it’ll look a little different in southern California, I don’t think we’ll own a home that you could in the Midwest, but having a cash reserve, that’s on my mind when I look over my finances.
Published on: 2/13/19, 12:05 PM
Last year, I got some gigs that were more ongoing, I got contracts that were more retainer-y. This was my fourth year freelancing and before that I was getting ongoing clients, but more erratic. But now I’m getting more consistent assignments, like, “Hey we’d like one article a week, or two a week” and I’m getting a higher rate.
And building community, and referring each other is really helpful. I think some of my work came from referrals, from editors but also just from my friends who work in the space. That was a big part of [earning more].
This year my strategy is really to focus on retainer, so having more clients who pay X and guarantee X, which helps with my sanity.
How did your community help you earn more?
Building out community is great, because it’s lower risk. You have to find clients who will meet your rates, and you need to diversify your income stream. Every day if you just refer a friend or share a post or support your colleagues, build out your tribe, I call it, it can come back to help you. And it really does. In freelancing it’s helpful in a lot of ways.
By definition, if you’re self-employed, a “solo-preneur,” you think of lone wolves working out of their living rooms. We run our own businesses but having friends to talk to about everything, like, “Have you worked for this client? What is it like, how much should I charge?” That’s helpful.
It is the wild, wild west in a lot of ways, you can’t go online and look up the standard pay ... it’s like, ok, how much do you earn as a writer? It can vary depending on a lot of factors: Your knowledge, your ability to negotiate, your client. Your client can pay different rates for the same thing. So having a friend to talk to about that is helpful. But also basic tips on negotiating, basic tips on managing cash flow, all of those things are interesting.
Why do you want to make more?
It’s always nice to have more money because you might need it as a financial cushion, and it also is interesting because it has to do with potential. I’m not bound to earning money as a marker of success, but when you’re freelancing it’s a risk, you’re taking on a lot of responsibility, so I wanted to see how well I could do. I don’t put pressure on myself to make a certain amount of money because you’ll go crazy doing that.
[Earning more] was a byproduct of working hard and trying to strategize a bit. I think it just happened, I know it sounds weird but I didn’t intend for it to happen. But it is good to have as a cushion, and it’s good to have more options.
Is there a piece of general money advice you find helpful?
The one thing I think about a just to approach money as a resource, a tool. You want it to be like water, running in the background. You want it to be operating on autopilot, you don’t stress about it, you don’t treat it like a status symbol. It’s a resource that’s running in the background but isn’t the end goal or a representation of the totality of your success. It’s a single metric.
And when you freelance, get clients you like working for and that have value outside of the money. Do you learn things, do you like working them? I feel better about the work I do now, and that’s a sign you’re going in the right direction. You know the saying, not all money is good money. Just feeling happy about the clients I have and the work that I have is powerful and a good metric.
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You may be accustomed to AdSense, however does one knowledge to use it properly? Here's a guide AdSense keywords to assist you gain a higher understanding.adsensekeywords.jpg
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Google AdSense - Defined
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AdSense Keywords - CTR Versus CPC
These days, affiliate marketers have begun talking regarding click-through-rates, or CTR, versus CPC. The CPC is that the quantity you earn each time somebody clicks on an advertisement.
The amount that click is worth is determined by the advertiser and depends on a few things. Search volume, relevance, competition, and more.
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CTR, on the opposite hand, represents the quantity of ad clicks divided by the quantity of impressions, queries, page views, or any other interaction you received. The CTR helps you work out however typically guests click on your ads.
If you are looking to create a passive financial gain off your AdSense account, the focus should fall more onto CPC than CTR. Why?
Because, notwithstanding you make plenty of impressions, that does not essentially translate into revenue. The two "C's" ought to work along to each expand your reach to new potential guests and generate additional clicks.
How do You Install AdSense?
If you have already got a Google account, all you wish to try and do is attend the AdSense web site and click on to sign in.
Before you start, you will need to make sure you have got many original content. This means you have got an inventive journal, an internet site packed with articles or another form of content that complies with Google's AdSense program policies (you will read those right here).
In most cases, the content that does not build the cut is pretty apparent. Google asks that users avoid applying Adsense to adult websites or anything with shocking or racially intolerant content.
After you sign in, it may take a few days for your content to get approved. Once you are in, log into the program and click on on the "my ads" tab. You'll then be prompted to click "new ad unit," and from there, you can begin creating your ad.
You'll need to choose a reputation and a size. We advocate victimization the 160x600 size for sites with a thin sidebar. If you have got a large sidebar, 300x250 may be a good selection.
Finally, you will need to settle on wherever you wish the ad(s) to run. AdSense can generate associate HTML code you'll paste into your web site.
AdSense Keywords and Why They Matter
If you recognize something regarding SEO, you know keywords play a major role in helping you nail down a strategy.
The distinction between victimization keywords for ancient SEO and AdSense keywords is, with the former, the idea is to get people to your site to buy your products. With AdSense, you wish your web site guests to click on your advertisers' links.
With ancient SEO, the CPC refers to the quantity YOU pay anytime once somebody clicks on your ads. With AdSense keywords, the advertisers provide you with cash anytime you "refer" somebody to their website.
For those who are not super familiar with SEO, keywords are words and phrases that web users type into the Google (or Bing) search bar in an attempt to find information.
Start your keyword analysis by victimisation the tool, Answer the Public or something similar. Answer the general public may be a sensible start line if you are not positive what to seem for. Simply blood type keyword into the tool, and a whole host of options pop up.
Once you have some concepts, head over to the Google Keyword Planner. This tool can show you the way a lot of your keywords area unit price, what the competition is like, and more.
What is a Good Keyword?
Finding "good keywords" incorporates a heap to try and do with searching for what individuals area unit victimisation to search out one thing on-line. Pretty basic, right? Well, yes and no. It gets sophisticated quick, as you need to understand your market really well.
A few tips:
Keywords ought to be relevant to the content on your page
People usually search in three or four-word phrases
Your AdSense keywords should be relevant to the individuals victimisation your website - do not isolate your fans.
When you realize the correct keywords, embody them in your AdSense ads, similarly as on the page the ad can run on. Doubling down here will be vital to attracting more readers to your site, thereby increasing traffic and of course, revenue.
What Ads Should You "Add" to Your Site?
The ads you decide on to include into the AdSense program ought to slot in together with your existing content. For example, if you own a blog dedicated to all things wedding, it would make sense to run ads for a company like Rachel Simpson, or a tux rental company.
Learn More About SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and More
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Facebook wants influencers and creators to make video for its platform - photo credit: © 2019 Bloomberg Finance LP© 2019 Bloomberg Finance LP
Facebook is looking to lure some of YouTube's big name creator talent as it pushes to become a destination for the billions of people hooked on online video. The company says it's not looking to steal creators from YouTube, instead it's more interested in pushing the angle that Facebook is a destination for everyone on Earth.
Variety reports that the company is out in force at VidCon London this week where it will promote its 'Facebook Watch' platform as an alternative to YouTube. Facebook is using the example of Jau Shetty who claims that his 20 million Facebook subscribers have made him $1 million in the last year.
It's fairly obvious what the company, which is reported to be hemorrhaging young members at an alarming rate, is trying to achieve here. It wants to make its platform one that appeals to teens a group that is abandoning Facebook. It's not all bad news for the social network though, because most of them end up on Instagram which, of course, Facebook owns.
Bringing some of YouTube's talent to Facebook Watch is almost certainly part of a plan to stop the next generation from leaving Facebook for good. It will also be a good way for Facebook to generate more ad revenue and give it more diverse ways to sell products.
It's also fair to say that the audience which is abandoning Facebook is also the one that advertisers may want to target.
While Facebook isn't exactly new to the video game it's not exactly the first place you'd think to go to see your favourite creators. I personally find video incredibly frustrating on Facebook. It tends to be low quality and in my experience also suffers badly from pauses during playback and other issues.
YouTube, on the other hand, has managed to deliver solid video quality for some time. It's still a little over-compressed, but it also runs at resolutions way beyond what most creators need - 8K is possible but very few cameras can produce this resolution at the moment.
One of the more surprising things that happened to the web, in my opinion, was the ability of creators to make money out of YouTube. While I could have predicted the rise of online video when I first saw RealPlayer in the late 90s, I would have struggled to see the immense wealth some creators have earned through their work.
And it is work, hard work that only pays off after many years of building an audience and loyalty to your brand and platform.
Facebook, like YouTube has certain requirements before creators can get paid. The must have 10,000 followers and 30,000 video views lasting at least one minute. They also need to be on videos of three minutes or longer.
Those restrictions are perhaps even more strict than YouTube's. On the Google-owned site creators need 4,000 hours of watch time over 12 months and have more than 1,000 subscribers.
Both platforms are targeting more experienced creators, which does shut out anyone hoping to earn money straight away. But the barrier to entry is low enough that motivated people can start off and try to build an audience.
Of course big names in the influencer world will have an advantage here but anyone who can stick at it could grow into a Facebook video giant.
Published on: 2/13/19, 12:03 PM
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