(1): Create a Digital Product
While courses ar digital merchandise you'll sell over and over, there ar alternative sorts of digital merchandise you'll dive into. I’m talking regarding e-books, on-line instruction guides, and primarily the rest you'll market and sell on-line.
My latest digital product is an online challenge that helps people earn $1,000 online. I actually offered this challenge for free, but I gave the option to pay $7 for an upgraded package with PDFs and instructional worksheets.
This upgrade is only $7, but even small amounts can add up quickly when you’re selling a couple hundred per month.
If you think that digital merchandise can’t work, take into account a Forbes interview I did in 2016 with Christian rockstar Chris forest. While forest has earned  sizeable sums of cash on-line currently, his initial product was a self-published book.
Chris Greenwood of ManafestChris Greenwood
Greenwood launched the book idea on Kickstarter and raised $20,000! This simply goes to indicate however a touch plan will translate into huge profits with the proper set up.
The bottom line: consider an internet product you'll produce that solves a haul or provides a service. Once you produce it, you'll sell it over and over and earn passive financial gain in your sleep.
(2): YouTube Ads
While YouTube ads aren’t nearly as “passive” as some income-producing ways on this list, they still slot in with the remainder of this post. I’m creating YouTube videos anyway, so why not post ads that bring in additional revenue? The passive half comes in as a result of I create the video once and earn financial gain over and over as additional and additional individuals see it.
For example, I took a large amount of your time off with my children over the vacations since they were out of college. I don’t assume I recorded any videos throughout that point — okay, perhaps one — however the passive financial gain continued  rolling in since even as many folks logged into YouTube to watch my show.
And it’s wonderful simply what quantity content YouTube viewers consume. Some individuals create a living with videos regarding very random topics. Take the “Slime Queen” Karina Garcia, World Health Organization boasts over ten million social media followers World Health Organization tune into watch her play with slime. She is just 24-years-old in line with Forbes, nonetheless she’s creating bank!
If you like being on video and need to earn some passive financial gain whereas you sleep, YouTube ads are where it’s at.
(3): My Financial Planning Practice
Even though I bear my family close to Nashville, Tennessee, I closely-held a monetary designing follow in Illinois till recently. I hadn’t stepped foot in this business forever, but it still continued bringing in a healthy amount of profit.
How much? My monetary designing method has brought in over $400,000 in revenue each year for the previous couple of years — and with nearly no work on my half.
But, it took Pine Tree State a short while to urge thereto purpose. Where I once worked in my monetary designing workplace on most days, I started by testing things out with a few days per month away from the office at first. From there, I began working remotely 2-3 days per week, then 4-5 days per week, and so on. Eventually, i used to be able to run my business remotely while not ever having to indicate up for work.
You may be wondering how this is passive since I obviously built this business many years ago. The reality is, making this business from scratch was plenty of labor.
The factor is, I have slowly disengaged each year as I have hired competent people to run the day-to-day operations. The end result's a business that has systematically provided passive financial gain whereas I slee         
(4): Selling a Business
While I adored being a monetary adviser and running a monetary designing follow from afar, i finally determined i used to be done. In late 2018, I decided my financial practice was a distraction and sold it! Yes, you browse that right; I oversubscribed my monetary designing follow.
Selling a business will typically cause direct financial gain you get right away; alternative times, you’ll receive payments over many years.
My scenario falls within the latter class since I’m obtaining got my follow in monthly payments. This means for the predictable future, I’ll receive fully passive financial gain in my checking account each single month.
Like owning a business and managing it from a distance, commerce a business needs plenty of labor direct. You have to create the business initial and obtain it to start out manufacturing revenue. Only then can you have got a business somebody pays for.
Once you reach that time, however, you can achieve the holy grail of passive income — a huge sum of money that’s hitting your bank account each month.
The Bottom Line
If you’re reading this and thinking “there’s no such factor as passive financial gain,” that’s a shame. You’ve already determined the premise of this text is fake, so you’ll never start the journey to build passive wealth that increases over time.
I hope you like your 9-5 job, cause you’re going to be there a while. If you would like Pine Tree State, I’ll be over here building even more passive income streams that work around the clock — even when I don’t feel like it.
2019 might be the most important year for cannabis stocks. Get the name of this quality stock poised to benefit from the industry's rising.

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Writing provides the potential for each immediate and passive financial gain generation.
Writing provides the potential for each immediate and passive financial gain generation.
Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of writing jobs is expected to increase 6 percent by 2020. It's still powerful to interrupt into ancient book business enterprise as associate degree author, which can produce significant passive income from royalties, but if you have a knack for words, writing for on-line publications will become a remunerative little business. With the proper analysis and negotiating techniques, you can build a passive income stream to reap the benefits of writing for years to come.
Online Content Sites
There ar many opportunities to put in writing on-line content. Online content suppliers, such as Demand Media ( and Textbroker (, pay per article, and pay is often dependent on the length of the article.
To generate passive financial gain, look for revenue sharing opportunities on these sites. You may have the chance to forgo associate degree initial payment in office of a revenue share that's supported the amount of individuals World Health Organization read your article.
Advertising Revenue
Setting up a private diary or web site will generate passive financial gain via on-line advertising. Sign up with an advertising network such as Google AdSense ( or adBrite ( to display ads on your blog or website. AdSense incorporates a sort of show choices, such as text-based ads, graphic ads and banners. Choose the advertising that matches best on your web site and doesn't trim back from content. Most ad networks pay per click, so you will need to generate considerable traffic to your blog before seeing substantial passive income.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate selling programs reward you for every client sent from your diary or personal web site to a web businessperson. In order to receive payment, the client should click the link directly on your web site and create a procurement.
The key to generating passive financial gain via affiliate selling is to incorporate relevant, well-integrated product promotions. If your diary or web site is delivering quality content to your followers, visitors will trust and follow your recommendations. Do not embrace affiliate selling links that don't seem to be associated with your web site content or junk up the page. This will flip guests away, and you'll not generate the maximum amount financial gain.
If you're a clever author, e-books can be a lucrative source of income. Self-published e-books generally receive no up-front payment, but can generate passive income for years. Pay rates depend upon the evaluation of the book and commission rate of the publisher. Amazon's Kindle Direct ( and Barnes and Noble PubIt! ( both offer self-publishing services.
About the Author
Elizabeth Bell could be a business skilled World Health Organization has been writing since 2009. Her work seems on websites as well as eHow and Answerbag. She makes a speciality of content that's targeted on business, finance, technology, health and travel. Bell holds a Bachelor of Science in commerce from the University of Virginia.

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Is there something higher than creating cash whereas you sleep? I mean, wouldn’t you're keen on to come to life with Associate in Nursing inflow of money crawling into your bank account?
Credit: Getty Royalty FreeGetty
I know this idea sounds crazy, however passive financial gain is quite a phantasy. Forbes contributor Brianna Wiest calls it Associate in Nursing infinite potential financial gain stream for a reason. The point, she says, it that “there’s always a possibility.”
3 Passive Income Strategies to Try in 2019
Before I dive into my favorite ways that to earn cash while not loads of labor, i would like individuals to understand the 2 reasons i like this subject such a lot. First, passive financial gain looks to be insanely polemic for a few reason. Whenever I write a piece or post YouTube videos regarding the prospect of earning cash passively, individuals within the comments go insane.
They typically tell Maine I don’t understand what passive financial gain means that, or that I actually have no plan what I’m talking about!
The second reason i like passive financial gain such a lot is that the obvious one — it’s had such a dramatic impact on my life. . We’re able to provide liberally and live life on our own terms thanks to the liberty passive financial gain provides.
To prove what I’m locution here, i would like to introduce you to 10 passive financial gain ways I in person use to earn $1,000 per month or more. If you’re ready to set yourself up for life, you’ll want to pay attention.
#1: Dividend paying stocks and other investments
The first passive financial gain plan on this list will take some start-up money, but it absolutely helps me earn more than $1,000 per month. Dividend-paying stocks, ETFs, and alternative investments like Fundrise and disposition Club area unit serving to me earn cash round the clock – and every one with no work on my half. While the amounts I actually have invested with in these accounts vary, they’re all paying Maine quite $1,000 per month.
Dividend investment specifically has been a profitable endeavor on behalf of me and for several alternative investors. According to Forbes contributor Brett Owens, dividend investors UN agency look ahead have the potential to get annual returns of 15 August 1945, 20%, or perhaps twenty fifth, if only they decide the proper dividend-paying stocks and keep the course.
Obviously, it takes time and consistent investment to make up your portfolio wherever you’re earning $1,000 per month. But you have to start somewhere, right?
#2: Affiliate Marketing
Where investment could be a wealth-building strategy that has been around forever, the second passive financial gain choice on this list is fairly new. Affiliate selling is Associate in Nursing financial gain concept that needs you to possess an internet site or platform you'll be able to use to push alternative firms, or “affiliates.” When someone uses your affiliate link to get a product or check in for a service, you get paid.
My main computer,, earns all kinds of affiliate income through relationships we have with investment firms, insurance companies, online banks, and more. But you don’t got to do things the method I did; you may begin nearly any variety of web site and notice affiliates that job in your niche.
And bear in mind, you don’t essentially got to begin a journal as such. I know people that area unit crushing it with affiliates victimization YouTube, podcasts, and other avenues. You can even build Associate in Nursing affiliate business victimization social media!
#3: Display Ads
Another way I earn more than $1,000 per month passively is by using display ads. Once again, this is going back to the blog. The beauty of getting on-line property is that the incontrovertible fact that you'll be able to legalize it in numerous ways that.
Display ads work like billboards you see on the facet of the route, only they’re featured on your website instead. The point is that advertisers area unit paying to push their product — their ads with great care happen to get on your web site.
Most show ads area unit got wind of by ad networks that employment because the middlemen between you and advertisers UN agency need to pay you. The best half regarding show ads is that they area unit entirely passive. You can get paid a ridiculous quantity of cash supported your traffic — even whereas you sleep!

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If you hate glitches, bugs, exploits or different workarounds that permit you skirt the foundations of video games you ought to respect the hell out of Rockstar Games. The company behind the theft automotive vehicle series has done a formidable job of systematically plugging any holes in GTA five on-line, making it a lot more difficult for players to induce quick cash while not fixing work initial.

The flip side is that if you're eyeing a yacht in GTA 5 Online that costs eight million GTA$ you may look at your in-game bank account and laugh. Unfortunately, there are no easy exploits to generate cash, but that doesn't mean you're out of luck. You're going to own to induce your grind on, but at least you can be smart about it.
How to get money fast in GTA 5 Online: Spend real-world money
There ar lots of GTA five codes for the single-player portion of the sport, but not for GTA 5 Online. If you would like to shop for dear toys for on-line play you either have to be compelled to putting your all into to earn {the cash|the cash|the money} or pay real money within the game.
The few cash exploits that have appeared in GTA on-line over the past 3 years ar typically addressed in an exceedingly timely manner by Rockstar, which has proven it is not afraid to liberally swing the banhammer. You can want for a replacement, fast money exploit but the usefulness of a technique that gets you banned is dubious at best.
If you would like to create cash in GTA on-line there ar 2 legit ways that to try and do therefore. First, you'll pay real-world cash on Shark Cards that deposit GTA$ into your checking account. If you examine what quantity you've got to pay on Shark Cards to earn the specific toys in GTA on-line, however, you may decide to just put the work in instead.
For instance, a fully tricked-out yacht in GTA Online will run you ten million GTA$. That'll cost you $140 in Shark Cards.
Tacking options onto yachts in GTA Online racks up the price tag very quickly.Source: Mic/GTA OnlineTacking options onto yachts in GTA Online racks up the price tag very quickly. Mic/GTA Online
The best corporate office you can guy in downtown Los Santos costs $6.5M. That's at least $100 in Shark Cards.
Like yachts, corporate offices offer several option add-ons that are not cheap.Source: Mic/GTA OnlineLike yachts, corporate offices offer several option add-ons that are not cheap. Mic/GTA Online
And you will have to be compelled to cough up a minimum of a million GTA$ simply to shop for into the recent Import/Export update. A $20 Shark Card can provide you with enough GTA$ to create the acquisition.
It only costs $1.1M to add a garage onto a company workplace and acquire started stealing and marketing cars in GTA on-line.Source: Mic/GTA OnlineIt only costs $1.1M to add a garage onto a corporate office and get started stealing and selling cars in GTA Online. Mic/GTA Online
GTA Online has been out for so long that veteran players who've invested appreciable time into the game can probably afford most of this stuff without even thinking about a Shark Card. They place within the work and earned  the nice toys.
How to build cash quick in GTA five online: do not trouble with Heists
The second thanks to build cash licitly in GTA five on-line is to, you know, truly play the sport. The main ways that to create big bucks ar jobs, multiplayer matches, and Heists.
Heists ar multi-phase missions that may take a short while to complete. One player puts up a startup value, up to 100,000 GTA$, and recruits up to 3 different players to assist. There ar up to 5 setup missions for any heist, gathering supplies and making preparations for the final mission.
A fair heist organizer would possibly pull in no over $400K for finishing the fifth and final heist. These missions ar fun and difficult activities for a bunch of 4 players World Health Organization acumen to figure along
Multiplayer matches will rack up cash quickly in GTA five on-line
If you've got friends to play with, your cluster will came upon a custom multiplayer listing and concentrate entirely on these bonus modes. You won't build loads of cash however you will have a regular flow of money. You might be ready to usher in 1,000,000 GTA$ in an exceedingly week if you are disciplined concerning running these custom playlists to require most advantage of the bonuses.
You can manually select the Jobs in GTA on-line that build the foremost cash within the smallest amount of your time.Source: Mic/Grand Theft Auto OnlineYou can manually select the Jobs in GTA Online that make the most money in the least amount of time. Mic/Grand Theft Auto OnlineJobs are a consistent way to make predictable money in GTA 5 Online
Jobs ar short missions that you simply will try solo however ar typically higher with a bunch since you create more cash at a better issue level. There is no singular, proven strategy for using Jobs to cash in quickly, however. Even once GTA on-line players discover employment that is comparatively simple to run and provides high GTA$ payouts, Rockstar seems to always discover the technique and neuter it.
To choose a job, pause the game, choose "Online," then select "Jobs" and then select "Play Job." This will display a list of all the different kinds of Jobs in GTA Online. Go to "Missions," and then you can select the Job you want to run on the right. A couple of popular jobs in GTA 5 Online that Rockstar hasn't ruined yet are "Rooftop Rumble" and "A Titan of a Job."
It takes cash to create cash quick in GTA five on-line.

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(1) = CPC Ads (Cost Per Click)

With affiliate advertising, you simply get paid once somebody clicks on your link and signs up for one thing or buys one thing. Display ads, on the opposite hand, pay supported the number of traffic and eyeballs you get on their ads.
With CPC ads, additionally called “cost per click” ads, on the other hand, you get paid when someone clicks on an ad no matter what they do after that. I don’t have to be compelled to hope and pray they get one thing or sign in for any price the least bit. Every single click puts cash in my checking account.
Does that mean I will head to my very own web site and click on on ads all day long? I guess I might, however eventually that company would comprehend what I’m doing and cut ME off! With that in mind, clicking on your own ads mustn't be a region of your strategy here. Instead, attempt to build up traffic therefore your ads ar seen by additional and additional individuals a day.

(5)=  Sell leads

After I launched Good Financial Cents, I launched a niche insurance site called Life Insurance by Jeff. Believe it or not, however i used to be able to generate $100,000 in income within just nine months of launching this website.
While building the web site wasn’t passive the least bit, we tend to created plenty of changes to the web site over time to form it far more passive. Eventually, I even decided selling the leads my website generated was a lot better deal than earning commissions when a purchase was made.
While mercantilism leads could be a heap less remunerative than earning insurance commissions, i spotted over time that mercantilism insurance was manner an excessive amount of work. If i used to be getting to keep things going, i might got to rent individuals, manage a team, and put in a lot of hours. I wasn’t very inquisitive about doing any of that, that is why I opted to start out mercantilism leads instead. Now that I do, I’m transferral in passive financial gain with hardly effort on my half.

(6)=  Course Sales

As of right now, the only course I sell is an online marketing course for financial advisors. Even though I hardly market it the least bit, I still get lots of sales. The course isn’t cheap, either — it’s $2,500!
While it took plenty of labor to form this course 3 years agone, very all I’ve done since then is sit back and collect cash off the occasional sale. I easily make over $1,000 per month with the course now, and that’s on top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars I made when I was actively promoting it every week.
With this in mind, earning cash with course sales isn't as straightforward as turning on a switch! You have to form the course initial, which can require weeks or months of your time. Once you’re done with the work required to create your product, however, the income can become passive.
Holly Johnson, a professional freelance writer who earns over $200,000 per year creating online content, is another successful entrepreneur who is doing well with course sales. Johnson launched her Earn More Writing freelance writing course in 2017 and has sold over 700 courses for $199 each since then. In Gregorian calendar month of 2019, she also launched a “Pro” version of her course that retails for $349. She sold 40 on the first day.
“Selling 700 courses doesn’t sound sort of a heap,” says Johnson. “But when the price of a course is a hundred dollars or more, you don’t have to sell thousands to earn considerable income.”
That’s a good point, and it’s one to consider if you have skills to teach that people will pay $100 or more to learn. If you'll be able to get enough individuals to shop for or your value is high enough, courses will herald lots of income over time.

Published on: 2/13/19, 3:29 PM
While some bank account info might sound obvious on balance, the majority of Americans own checking accounts you may not be taking advantage of a number of common features. Read on for a number of bank account tips to assist you manage your cash and obtain the foremost out of your account.
1. Set up direct deposit
One of the best ways in which to urge the foremost out of your bank account is to line up direct deposit. Direct deposit could be a quick and safe thanks to deposit cash into your account, while not you having to carry a finger. If youre a Bank of America client, you'll originated direct deposit.
2. Sign up for mobile and online banking
The majority of usa citizens UN agency use the net bank on-line. Enrolling in on-line banking permits you to observe your accounts, as well as your group action history and your balance, just by work in. Mobile banking permits you to try to to a similar via your phone or pill. Additionally, by banking on-line you'll quickly access accounts, order checks, pay bills and transfer money, track spending, set alerts and travel flags, and manage your accounts from almost anywhere. If youre a Bank of America client, learn additional concerning on-line and Mobile Banking options.
3. Take advantage of your debit card
With a positive identification, you'll access your bank account handily and firmly, without the hassle of cash or checks. You can use a positive identification at several locations worldwide, as well as places that dont take checks like on-line merchants. Debit cards may also be used at ATMs for deposits, withdrawals and transfers between your accounts. With debit cards, your purchases and withdrawals are deducted directly from your checking account. Debit cards additionally provide security if your card is lost or purloined or if dishonorable purchases occur.
4. Move money between accounts
If you have a checking and savings account at the same bank, its usually fairly easy to transfer money between your accounts. You can link your accounts, but you dont have to. If you recognize you've got a precise quantity of cash in your bank account at a precise time every month, you might consider setting up an automatic transfer to your savings account. Automating the method may be a good thanks to build your savings.
5. Learn to manage overdraft fees
Youre charged an overdraft fee when you spend more money than you have in your account. The best thanks to avoid these fees is to stay a watch on your account balance or to line up alerts, that we have a tendency to cowl in tip No. 6. Many banks supply nonmandatory bill of exchange protection, which allows you to link an eligible checking account to other eligible accounts to cover you in case of an overdraft. However, these plans may come with fees, so be sure to know the terms before signing up. Some banks enter you in bound overdraft-related services mechanically, so its a good idea to check on your accounts terms.
6. Take advantage of alerts
If youre registered in on-line banking, you can set up alerts to notify you via email or text of certain activity. For example, you can set up balance alerts for when the funds in your account drop below a certain amount, which can help you avoid overdraft fees. Just certify your bank has your up-to-date mobile phone range and email address.
7. Look into automatic payments
Setting up automatic payments for revenant bills will facilitate make sure you pay your bills on time with no hassles. This common checking account feature can help eliminate worry (no need to wonder whether your check was lost in the mail), save you money on stamps and free up your time. Automatic payments may be a decent thanks to facilitate guarantee your bills square measure paid on time once you square measure traveling.
8. Know how youre protected
Many banks supply security measures to assist shield you if your positive identification is lost or taken, including security features on the card (such as photo ID or chip technology), monitoring for uncommon getting, and protection against liability for fraudulent transactions reported within a specified period. Some banks might permit you to place a virtual lock on your card via your mobile or on-line account if you think the cardboard has been lost or taken. Check with your bank to find out additional regarding {the security|the safety|the shieldion} options it offers to assist protect against thieving and fraud. Its also important to know that federal law limits your responsibility if your debit card is stolen, but you must act quickly to notify your bank.
See more stories on our Better Money Habits page.
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When we reach the crossway on our journey through life, we tend to square measure long-faced with a call on the way to improve our monetary state and so our life style furthermore. The point that we've got recognized the necessity for a amendment represents simply the primary step towards a call. Taking adequate actions in the right direction should be the next step. What you ought to do after you square measure on the incorrect path? Whether you're used or while not employment at the instant, you're searching for versatile work hours and affordable monetary compensation for your efforts. In fact, to figure from home, with none expenses looks appealing.
We have come back to the conclusion that creating cash on-line is a wonderful selection. Honestly same this can be not as tough as you'll assume, except for certain it'll need discipline and continuous education. Whether your goal is to earn cash in short-run otherwise you have place a long arrange instead, each square measure realizable. You can either earn enough to pay your bills however if you invest tons of your time, you'll be able to live quite well. This will help you with every aspect of your life. Online Jobs or Work-From-Home Jobs square measure meant for this, we are going to recommend many tried decisions within the on-line world.
Img source:
You can start your youtube channel, with diverse options to chose from for a topic. With a powerful subscriber base, you can make money online in a blink of an eye. This will permit you to attach with a broad audience, promoting you, your services whether entertaining, tutorials and knowledgeable pointers. Not only top Youtubes earn money online, but small Youtube channels can also be monetized. The distinction is seemingly within the variety of subscribers that cause larger monetary profit.
Freelancing is perhaps the foremost fashionable public service within the on-line world. The chance to be your own boss, the liberty to selected your purchasers towards your specialised field and earn cash on-line square measure the most important pluses. As a freelancer, you can offer your services in the area, you are proficient and possess the required knowledge. This can quickly become a full-time way of making a living, you can set your target market, service menu, and of course the price. There are sites with plenty of offers for each day, if you are an expert in a particular topic, this is for you. At first, it'll be tough, but it eventually pays off.
Img source:
You can start your online work without investment by starting Affiliate Marketing, as your time and energy are all you need to start. In this merchandising procedure, you'll got to generate a definite proportion of the promoted merchandise and services to earn cash on-line as a commission from created sales. Money made of Affiliate selling is that the end product of developing or commercialism product on-line, the sales square measure conducted through internet traffic.
These were just a few examples of how you can turn your finances around. We hope that you will at least think of the possibilities of online income and the impact it may have on your life.
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Wall Street surveys also are revealing elevated recessionary fears. The CNBC Fed Survey conducted in January, which includes economists, fund managers and strategists, placed the probability of a recession in the next 12 months at 26 percent, the third straight increase and the highest since January 2016, and the highest of the Trump presidency. A recent Wall Street Journal survey of economists finds fears of a recession at a seven-year high.
A nationwide survey of more than 10,000 Americans conducted by SurveyMonkey in January also found a high level of recession anxiety, with 63 percent of Americans saying a recession was likely in the next year and only 10 percent saying it was "very unlikely." The SurveyMonkey consumer confidence index also hit its lowest point since December 2017.
The Federal Reserve's recent decision to reconsider and possibly slow planned increases in interest rates, as well as sales from its bond portfolio, which were seen as pressuring the market, are another sign that the economic growth story may quickly have become more fragile than previously anticipated. However, with everyone from small-business owners and individual Americans to central bankers and Wall Street economists worried about a recession, there also is a risk that we "talk" ourselves into a recession, according to former Pimco CEO and now Allianz chief economic advisor Mohamed El-Erian.
"I'm surprised by all this mouth recession," El-Erian told CNBC in late December. "For United States to urge into a recession, the rest of the world has got to really slow down dramatically. We've got to take care, as a result of we are able to speak ourselves into a recession. And that's how bad technicals become bad economics."
He noted that the labor market is strong, wages are going up, business investment is increasing and so is government spending.
Small-business-owner sentiment does vary significantly based on gender and political affiliation. The CNBC/SurveyMonkey data shows that women are much more likely to think a recession is on the way (61 percent vs. 49 percent of men). Recession fears also break down along party lines, with 38 percent of Republicans saying a recession is likely, versus 79 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of survey respondents that identify as independents.
"Small-business owners, like everyone else, tend to see the world through partisan lenses. Republicans who own small businesses, like all Republicans, are relatively dismissive about the prospects of a nearing recession. Democrats, whether they own a small business or not, are more fearful about the chances a significant downturn will hit in 2019," said Laura Wronski, senior research scientist at SurveyMonkey.
The CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey is conducted quarterly using SurveyMonkey's online platform and based on its survey methodology.
Published on: 2/13/19, 12:14 PM
FILE - during this file exposure, developers look over new apps being displayed on iPads at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Expect to listen to heaps a lot of from the corporate regarding the virtues of mobile apps and on-line services in returning months. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)ASSOCIATED PRESS
The pace and challenges of life seem to move at more and more frenetic speed each week so we seem to turn more to mobile apps to help us do everything from ordering food to hiring a car to finding a housekeeper for the day all in a flash. But a new strain of apps seems to reflect a more nurturing aspect that many are seeking in their rather than that of simple utility, and they are growing in popularity.
Call it, perhaps, a by-product of the "slow movement" - a collective of thought that encourages a more smell-the-roses or more mindful approach to life. While not too many years ago, the trend of beauty expert/blow-out on-demand apps was the big narrative, now we are starting to see more movement toward a new crop of wellness and fitness apps that are steadily gaining traction. It's well-timed play for these ventures within a culture that is desperately seeking new ways to balance life but still using technology to do so.
"The shift we have seen in the market is two-fold," explains Colin Szopa, Co-Founder and CEO of the Los-Angeles-based startup Plankk, a new streaming service gives anyone access to on-the-go workouts with the world’s most elite fitness trainers from any screen.
Szopa says that the explosion in the popularity of boutique group fitness brands such as Soul Cycle, Barry’s Boot Camp and others made fitness fun again. "But not everyone has two hours a day to attend a class when you factor in the door to door time," he adds. Thus, Plankk Studio was born and now helps its community of users actually attend a boutique-quality class led by his or her favorite creators, live or on-demand, from the comfort of their home, thereby eliminating the need for the rush and dash to make a class.
Plankk Studio Live StreamImage courtesy of Plankk
This is about taking fitness and one's own pace and customizing time of day to do so. The app offers over 1,000 live and on-demand workout videos from the fitness world’s biggest influencers. But this is no one-way-only scenario. Users can also interact with their favorite trainers by asking questions, sharing their progress and more.
But the real draw of this app may be in how it has also connected with another key cultural narrative in addition to that of a slow-go, and that is democratization. Plankk Studio gives anyone access to some of the world’s most-recognized trainers that have traditionally only been available to those with the budget to do so. The company has quietly spent the past couple years building customized apps for elite trainers, helping them scale their businesses and monetize their audiences. Through Plankk’s influencer partnerships, the company says that it currently reaches 110 million people worldwide on social media.
Part of the secret sauce lies in the app's tech backend. "Plankk Studio uses class category tagging to highlight on-demand classes to users based on their viewing behavior. Each on-demand class also has 'suggested classes' where user data helps determine what additional classes a user may be interested in," reveals Szopa. Primarily, the company's business model rests in connecting fitness influencers with their audiences. The app not only creates an additional revenue stream for Plankk's partners but can also be used as a platform to further promote their own apps.
From Fitness to Wellness, There's An App For That Now
However, Moaz Hamid, Managing Director for REME, a mobile app that provides mindful health & wellness services and education, gives additional insight into the growing trend in this particular category of apps. Hamid says, "Before the net and connected devices dominated our lives, there was a clear distinction between home and work. Now, with our devices and the 'on-the-go' culture we live in, work comes home with us so we are much more connected than ever before."
He believes that such behavior sets a dangerous pace encouraging us to stay up late and wake up early. Hamid says that there is a growing awareness about the importance of practicing self-care yet the lack of time to often drive to an appointment to actually access the service, or worse yet, finally having made the appointment only to cancel it due to unforeseen meetings or family emergencies.
"People suffer from a shortage of time, and when there's a shortage of time, the ability to address self-care and be our best selves takes a back seat so we're seeing more and more of a need for on-demand health and wellness services," reveals Hamid.
Thus REME was created in order to have wellness experts come to the client. Whether one is at home, the office, or even a hotel room, health and wellness can be delivered via the app. But there's an interesting twist with Reme.
A Reme wellness expert with a clientImage courtesy of Reme
"Many service-oriented, on-demand apps are just that: service-oriented," explains Hamid. "They aren’t solving the root of the problem, which is helping individuals uncover why they were in need of the service to begin with. So in addition to providing on-demand services, we've created a community that actually teaches people how to manage their time properly in order to best practice self-care, which includes enlightening them with tools for relaxation from everyday stress."
REME has developed educational programs with the goal of restoring everyone’s well-being through on-demand IV therapy, stretch and massage, where vetted experts bring personalized relaxation and mindfulness to the user.
The app's goal is to serve a business traveler who may be in need of rehydration after a 24-hour flight to the mother who is also an entrepreneur and needs to order stretch therapy on-demand so that it fits into her schedule. "But we're not just a temporary fix or masking of the problem, we go above and beyond by fostering healthy and sustainable wellness habits," explains Hamid.
Indeed, the company had a strong presence at a number of high-profile events and most recently at Sundance Film Festival at one of the VIP lounges Reme offered attendees with their choice of B12 shots, Energy Boost IV drips and Hangover IV drips intended as support during the demanding Festival pace.
During the regular day-to-day usage of the app, REME relies heavily on algorithms that live within the product in order to access the location and time period the user will most likely request services. "This helps us increase our pool of experts as well as understanding our users' needs. We also take into consideration the type of services that are most relevant to the services our users request in order for us to make suggestions and recommendations," shares Hamid.
He also says that strong customer service is key to the app's growing word-of-mouth because the REME concierge team regularly communicates with the company's clients in order to better understand specifics issues such as where the pain may be located in the body and/or overall goals so that the most appropriate choices and matches can be made.
But no matter what the cultural trends, success continues to challenge both of these startups.
"The fitness app space is definitely becoming more and more crowded," says Szopa. He says that they are constantly working to edge out competition via the variety of influencers which the company selects.
"A challenge that we often face," says Hamid. "is wondering if the services and the habits we’re fostering within the community are relevant. Are they accessible to the community? Are we including everybody? Will it work for everyone? As a company, we're learning as we go."
There is also the specter of consumer fickleness that always looms large whether it may be new trends that arise or simply new and better apps with more customized offerings, perhaps incorporating AI in the near future.
But these companies are undaunted for the time being. "We see a lot of future opportunities which include bringing more exclusive media partnerships onto Plankk Studio, as well as continuously adding more of our influencer partners to the app as well, " says Szopa.
Hamid concurs, "We see a great opportunity in corporate wellness. Our research shows that the U.S. economy takes a hit of over $300 billion a year because of work-related stress, leading to sick days and lost productivity in the workplace. This is where the next big opportunity for growth."
Published on: 2/13/19, 12:13 PM
Seven years ago, Larry Lubarsky was unemployed and $100,000 in debt. Today, he's a 38-year-old small business owner, running a company that brings in millions of dollars per year by selling thousands of different products on Amazon.
"I didn't have a career, I didn't have any money to my name," Lubarsky tells CNBC Make It. "I was living with my mammy, i used to be severely in debt, i could not afford my phone, my car."
His business selling products on Amazon "saved my life financially," Lubarsky says.
Lubarsky buys a wide variety of products in bulk — from electronics and kids' toys to health and beauty supplies — and then he re-sells them on Amazon, all while trying to turn a tidy profit. He engages in a business model known as wholesale arbitrage, which sees him buying large quantities of products from wholesalers or large brands.
As Lubarsky previously told CNBC Make It, he might see a Nerf gun available for $10 each from a wholesaler, but the product is selling for $20 apiece on Amazon. In that case, he knows that he can make about $5 profit on each Nerf toy after paying the fees that Amazon charges its third-party sellers.
In 2017, Lubarsky's business pulled in roughly $18 million in revenue, including a net profit of $4 million, from selling products on Amazon. Lubarsky only launched the business in 2014, and he brought in more than $3 million in that first year, he tells CNBC Make It.
So, how does Lubarsky do it? Here are a few tips from Lubarsky that reveal the basics of how to be a third-party seller on Amazon.
Published on: 2/13/19, 12:12 PM